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      A BRAND NEW FINANCING PROGRAM Financing For Merchants who Accept Checks!  
Dear Broker ,
Since 1978 Professional Financial Associates has led the way in developing new and innovative financing programs so that PFA Registered Brokers always have a "leg up" on the competition and are able to generate income even in times when others can't.

                                   PFA HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

PFA is pleased to announce that we have just added yet another exciting new financing option you can offer to potential clients as a PFA Registered Broker  ... and generate a new source of commissions for you.  Recently we introduced the PFA Micro-Loan Program which allowed retail merchants to obtain lump sum cash advances against their future credit card receivables.  Now, for the first time through PFA's NEW CHECKsAdvanced™ Program, you can also include the 35 billion annual U.S. check transactions in your funding mix!             .

With PFA's New CHECKsAdvanced™ Program you can now begin offering retail merchants another financing option to raise immediate cash for their business - One they never had available to them until now!

A new form of financing in the form of cash advanced against their monthly check volume, which is repaid automatically by the paper checks they receive daily administered through a Remote Deposit Capture/Check 21 platform that electronically deposits your clients' checks, and splits the cleared payments to repay the funding advance automatically as your clients receive their check proceeds.  

Not only does this allow your clients access to greater financing  opportunities that have never been available before, it significantly simplifies and decreases the handling and administrative costs of check acceptance.  CHECKsAdvanced™ is safe, simple and convenient for all parties, and can be sold in conjunction with and as easily as Micro-Loan credit card cash advances - Except for the time being, no one else has access to this new technology but you - If you're a PFA Registered Broker!

About CHECKsAdvanced™

CHECKsAdvanced™ is staffed by a team of payment professionals with more than a hundred years of cumulative experience in payment processing, cash advance and electronic check and credit services.  

The CHECKsAdvanced™  processing platform was developed by Capital Match which has been recognized as an industry leader for 20 years, and is a proven provider with:
  • National clientele including financial institutions, businesses, utility companies, municipalities and government agencies
  • Highly flexible and scalable programs
  • Independent processing steps that permit distributed capture, control, and depositing
  • Accommodating single low-volume scanners to high volume multi-location PC users
  • Workflow management tools to optimize system performance
Capital Match is the ONLY service currently available that can
finance an advance against future paper checks AND charge card receipts – which means your clients advance (and your commissions) can be larger than with Micro-Loan charge card advances alone. 

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The one-time Registration cost, normally $495 is currently running as a special on our website at http://www.pfa.com as being reduced to only $295.

You also receive all of the other PFA Registered Lоan Broker programs including financing for:

Business Expansion, Import-Export Financing, New Equipment Leasing on all types of equipment (not just automobiles like the local banks might do), Contract & Purchase Order Financing, Irrevocable Letters of Credit, Tax Deductible Used Equipment Sale-Leasebacks (for medical and dental offices, clinics & hospitals as well as individual MD's & DDs's), Pre-Receivable Financing, Accounts Receivable Factoring & Advances, Discounted Cash-Outs, Municipal Leasing for City, State & Federal Agencies who are already pre-approved, Personal/Unsecured Signature Lоans, Warehouse & Flooring Lines of credit, commercial financings, asset based lending programs, etc., etc., etc., more than enough to keep you busy making six-figures well into the next millennium! 
Oh, did I forget - If you are one of the first two new PFA Registered Brokers in your state, you also receive as a FREE B0NUS, the training necessary to become a Mоrtgage Banker through PFA's Virtual Branch, giving you the ability to offer mоrtgage lоans in ALL 50 States!
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PS. Just starting out? First time in business?? REMEMBER: PFA will provide EXTRA support and we'll include the "Business Start-Up" Bonus Discоunt Mоrtgage Program ALL at No Additional Cost especially for you - Just let us know!

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But YOU won't mind going to deposit your commissions will you?

Your financing clients can Deposit ANY U.S. CHECK to ANY U.S. BANK in their back office using CHECKsAdvanced™ Back Office Banker.
Back Office Banker also
minimizes keying, permits multiple location/level input and control, provides
automatic archiving, and
produces reports that can be downloaded to their accounting software.

All PFA Registered Brokers now have access to this exciting NEW Program. Simply include your clients last 12 month bank statements showing the checks deposited with  your Micro-Loan application if additional capital is being requested - That's it!

You can Print, Fill out and Mail out or Fax in Your Registration below to:

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