PFA's Commercial Mortgage / Hedge-Fund Lending

PFA Registered Brokers® adding this commercial upgrade are now able to provide Commercial Mortgages,  NATIONWIDE & Worldwide, urban and rural on Commercial Mortgages - $600,000-$12 Million or more!
Many of the Banks aren't lending on either large jumbo loans or large commercial mortgages - But through some special hedge funds - Now YOU CAN!
PFA is providing the Training to get you started AND the Ca$h for both purchases & refinancing and in fact there ARE STILL SOME STATED INC0ME PROGRAMS AVAILABLE WITH A 680+ CREDIT SC0RE!!!
How is this possible? Because commercial buildings generate their own income - they're a business onto themselves, so if the building "cash flows" the borrower doesn't necessarily have to prove they have the money to qualify!
And PFA Registered Brokers® with Virtual Net Branch access have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these SPECIAL Secret Funds!

Under This Program-You'll Be Able to Lend & Earn T0P C0MMISSI0NS (Typically between 1-3+%) Nationwide, and Worldwide for certain projects Urban or Rural on:

Flagged Hotels/Motels (New to 20 Years Old)
S.F.R. Converted to Commercial Use
Automotive Service
Offices, Office Condos, Office-Warehouse
Free-standing Retail
Multi Unit Retail Strip Malls
Shopping Centers
Light Industrial, Assembly Warehouses
Apartment Buildings
Hotels & Motels
Medical Buildings
Emergency Care Facilities
High Rises
Convenience Stores
Working Farms or Ranches
Heavy Industrial/Manufacturing Facility
Self-Storage Units - Metal Buildings
Assisted Living - Funeral Homes
Auto Services - Vehicle Dealers
Schools - Day Care Centers
Drycleaners - Laundromats
Golf Course - Bowling Alley
Retail/Office with Residential Above
Rehab & Remodel loans for portfolio properties
Commercial Construction Loans WITH Permanent Financing! (NO RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION at this time)
+ More...

We’re now entering a large refinancing boom, honestly! Many commercial bank mortgages that were done over the past 3 to 8 years are now ballooning, and need to refinance. But many of the same commercial lenders that made these loans are simply not willing to renew the loan or they're simply not lending at this time. Even if they were, those deals were typically at prime plus anywhere from 3.0% to 7.0% - which means that they’d be paying upwards of 8.0% to 12.0% for these loans. They often need to draw money out of the property and reduce their payments simultaneously. At rates in the 6% to 7+% range, you can do for them what their local bank may not currently be able to do, while ‘fixing’ the rate for up to 5 years!


ü Residential Investors “Moving-Up” to Office and other Commercial Deals (1031 Exchanges too!).

ü Small Business Owners wanting to BUY a building or office space rather than lease.

ü Small Business Owners needing to ESCAPE rapidly escalating payments (SBA or Prime +)

ü Residential Realtors® trying to “Go Commercial”.

ü Commercial Realtors® Who may currently encountering difficulties financing their commercial Deals

ü Local Bank Turndowns & Turnaways there’s so many of these out there right now that we can actually get “done” with YOUR help!

Whenever commercial mortgage financing has previously been sought, most borrowers would contact their local banker who might only lend up to 70%, ‘float’ the rate with prime, and also file a lien on their inventory, equipment, company vehicles and worst of all, their homes. And, then want them to ‘turn’ the loan every 3 to 5 years besides!! You can now offer financial stability up to 90% LTV (in certain cases - with 80% being typical) without tying up anything except the Subject Property at rates competitive or even below what used to be available commercially without exorbitant prepayment penalties or Lockouts, no provisions for "Guaranteed Interest", "Yield Maintenance", "Income Replacement" nor "Defeasance" - which can often mean a 30% to 50% Prepayment Penalty is actually being added to the Loan Amount by most traditional commercial mortgage lenders and banks.

And, through this program your clients will now also be able to add to their loan amount during the term of the loan without Refinancing and WITHOUT Penalty!

Compare THAT to what may be available locally!


The rates you can NOW make available are closer to or can even be below what your client’s local bank rates would be, with more favorable terms, and without their added encumbrances  – These are NOT “hard-money” rates either, with anywhere from 13% to18% interest rates, as much as 4 to 8 points ‘up-front’ and a host of ‘junk-fees’ that are routinely charged BEFORE they allow YOU to make any money on the deal! 

That's all changing for you right now because once you Register, and add this upgrade, you'll currently have access to something that is not as readily available as it once was - and may not be for a long, long time!! 

Hard-Money is also available under this program for marginal borrowers, but that's NOT what we're talking about here. These are reasonable rates for reasonable borrowers who are currently encountering difficulties in obtaining financing at this time because of the current financial climate which is discouraging lending on commercial properties due to potentially declining market values in most areas for this type of financing..

You can help fill the ENORMOUS HOLE (and your pockets!) for these types of loans in the financial marketplace - The window of opportunity is now open for you - Time to "make hay while the sun is still shining"!
This window won't be open forever...

... So the opportunity you've been waiting for is open RIGHT N0W!!

How Much MORE Money Can Y0U Make if you put the word out that you have exclusive access to these funds IMMEDIATELY?? These funds are now exclusively available only to ALL PFA Registered Brokers® with Virtual Net-Branch Training Access, but because of the additional training and support required, this is an UPGRADE to the PFA Registered Broker Program®. Add on Price $200


This unique alternative to traditional financing program is your ticket to LARGER Commissions offering clients Fast N0N-REC0URSE loans in 5-7 business days for any purpose with NO MINIMUM CREDIT SC0RE REQUIREMENT and NO C R E D IT CHECK, secured by their penny or publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, t-bills, options, securities and some REITs at up to 80% of trading value at BELOW PRIME rates of only 3%-5% fixed interest only for 3-10 years or even longer in some cases! Securities pledged can be actively trading on any stock exchange anywhere - W0RLDWIDE!

These loans are being offered with no closing costs, or transaction fees. There is no other collateral required - no real estate or personal guarantee. Funding can take place in just a matter of days. A credit report is not required nor is any income or employment verification done. These are being made available through PFA's Registered Broker Network as non-recourse loans - no personal guarantee is required and there are no deficiency judgments in the event of borrower default. This means that a loan default is not reported to any credit bureau or placed in public record either!


Low fixed interest rate - Below Prime!
Interest only fixed & level payments
No liens on any other asset
Quick fundings - Turnaround can be a week or less!
Non-taxable event
No credit check
Loan is not reported to the credit bureaus
No verification of income or employment 
Non–recourse loan
Borrower receives dividends or interest that may accrue from the securities during the term of the loan
At the end of the loan term the exact number of shares or collateral initially pledged is returned to the borrower at their then current value.

These are not "margin loans" which will only go to 40-50% of current stock value and don't have a 24 hour margin call against falling values, providing significant advantages over borrowing on margin from a stock brokerage firm. 


1. Term of the loan can be extended upon mutually agreed terms.

2. In the event of portfolio growth, upon mutually agreed terms,  the loan can be refinanced for an even larger amount at the end of the term.

In the event of substantial decline in market value of the collateral, the borrower can simply walk away from the loan with no additional expense because it is a non-recourse loan.

Commercial Security Brokers can make from  $10,000-$100,000+!

That's right-and that's on just a single funded transaction!

That's means FAST CA$H and potentially HUGE C0MMI$$I0NS F0R Y0U WORLDWIDE!
And since you're not trading stocks, they're simply being used as collateral, there are currently no licensing requirements in this newly unregulated industry!

Since you're not trading stocks, they're simply being used as collateral, there are currently no licensing requirements in this newly unregulated industry!

These funds are now exclusively available only through PFA Registered Brokers® , but because of the additional training and support required, this is an UPGRADE to the PFA Registered Broker Program®. Add on Price $200

If that wasn't enough - Take a look at:


PFA’s Peak Performance Instant Cash-Flow ™ Lending Program is an entirely NEW alternative financing method that totally completes the product offerings you can now make available to businesses who may not have the collateral necessary to obtain traditional bank financing, but do have the daily cash flow necessary to repay. Funds can be used to:

1. Expand a Business,
2. Purchase new or used equipment,
3. Purchase additional or seasonal inventory,
4. Provide or supplement temporary cash flow,
5. Acquire or open up a new office or store,
6. Hire new employees or increase staffing,
7. Complete tenant improvements,
8. Expand current marketing & advertising efforts!
9. Any other worthwhile business purpose!!

These funds are not secured in the traditional sense as they are repaid daily in small fixed incremental amounts from the actual cash flow of the business. So if the business has a daily cash flow, they can basically qualify for this type of financing regardless of the type of business it is!

This unique new Program offers:

§ Quick Fast Cash from $20,000 - $100,000! 
§ Accelerated approval for Franchised Businesses!
§ Terms of 6, 9 or 12 months!! 
§ Application to Funding in 2 weeks or less! 
§ Zero closing costs!!

This does not require any hard assets or real estate for collateral. This is not an advance against merchant receivables. There has never been a financing program of this type available anywhere for small businesses - This is a NEW and entirely unique method of lending that will not be available anywhere else except through YOU as a PFA Registered Broker!®


YOU earn 6% on every FAST Peak Performance Instant Cash Flow™ closed transaction. With an average of $50,000 per transaction, you can plan on banking $3,000/week or more and since this is a PFA EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM, you currently have NO COMPETITION!!

Remember - This is an entirely NEW financing program for businesses who may not have the collateral normally necessary to obtain traditional bank financing, but who DO have the daily cash flow necessary to repay, and is perfect for: 

1. Used Car Dealers to acquire new inventory,

2. A "flooring line" to obtain new or used machinery or inventory for resale purposes,

3. Mechanic, Repair, Frame & Paint Shops for equipment or renovation,

4. Real estate & Insurance agencies awaiting their commissions,

5. Dr's, DDs's, Chiropractors, Home Health Care Providers & Suppliers,

6. Retail Merchants for inventory, renovation or marketing

7. Internet based businesses for site renovation or marketing

8. Restaurants for equipment, inventory, renovation or advertising

9. ANY Franchised (or non-franchised) Business with a daily cash flow...

Inotherwords, nearly ANY type of business currently in existence can now qualify!!

And since banks are being far more "selective" in their lending to businesses at the moment - Just think of how much you can start depositing into your bank account if you got started today?? 

We've already committed to disbursing $2 Million initially in new financing every week starting IMMEDIATELY! So we need your help in directing where those funds will be going in order to help make that happen.


That's right, once 75% of the original loan has been repaid, your client can elect to receive up to the full amount originally contracted for or more - and you receive a renewal commission on the new amount they receive all over again, just as if this were a line of credit, except because they're receiving the full amount each time, you're always commissioned on the full amount they receive, regardless of whether they decide to use it right away or not!

Just so you're clear - PFA’s Peak Performance Instant Cash-Flow ™ Lending Program does not require any hard assets or real estate for collateral.

This is not an advance against merchant receivables.

There has never been a financing program of this type available anywhere for small businesses.

This can be used in place of, or to actually replace a lost or dwindling line of credit. 

Qualifying is easier as repayment is electronically deducted from the daily cash flow of the business, making repayment effortless and qualifying nearly automatic!! 

This Program can be done Internationally, (case-by-case) provided they can qualify and that ACH withdrawals are allowable in that country. 

Everyone is finding that lending has tightened up. Here's your chance to help relieve that tension while you "line your pockets" with the commissions as they come raining down on you as a result of your efforts - Don't wait for a new job to try and supplement lost income - even if you could get one, and who's really hiring these day?. So if you're actually willing to do the work involved, now there's no excuse - Here's your golden opportunity to set yourself up in the best position possible since every business owner is now your potential client!!

Incidentally - If you are a business owner interested in obtaining this type of financing, but not really interested in becoming a broker, please contact us here directly at 949-240-0404 or reply to  with your contact information and we will be glad to refer you to a local broker who can assist you.

These funds are now exclusively available only to ALL PFA Registered Brokers®, but because of the additional training and support required, this is an UPGRADE to the PFA Registered Broker Program®. Add on Price $200

Don't Forget - This is a NEW and entirely unique method of lending that will not be available anywhere else except through YOU - Complete new marketing materials have already been pre-designed for you - so all you need to do is Register in this Upgrade and go - But there's MORE!!

PFA's New Merchant Chex Advanced™ Program!

Nearly every business accepts checks. 

What if you could take a snapshot of a businesses monthly check volume and provide for both electronic deposits of all paper checks and a ONE MONTH CA$H ADVANCE secured by future check deposits that also guaranteed payment against all of the checks they received with auto-collection of returned checks built in?

Do you have any idea what this is worth to merchants that accept checks? Think about how much new business you could be doing?? Especially since this is BRAND NEW and has never been offered by anyone EVER BEFORE !

Think about it - Used car lots, manufacturing firms, grocery & convenience stores, emergency care & medical offices, all of the stores in your local mall and strip malls- virtually EVERY TYPE OF BUSINESS can now be your personal customer!

Opportunity IS knocking - are you listening??

With no competition and new ways to provide financing that banks are simply not providing right now, what on earth are you waiting for?

N0W is the time to generate some serious business in these areas - Today is the Time to get involved and go after this business as you'll have little to no competition at this time - So don't delay.

These funds are now exclusively available only to ALL PFA Registered Brokers®, but because of the additional training required, this is an UPGRADE to the PFA Registered Broker Program®. Add on Price $200


This is the original merchant advance program which advances funds against future merchant Visa/MasterCard receipts and is being made available as a  FREE BONUS to ALL PFA Registered Brokers®.


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