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Mortgage Search Center   Over $2 Billion Funded

PFA's Mortgage Search Center gives you instant access to over 55,000 mortgage programs
 from more than 200 of America's leading banks and financial institutions. You can shop rates, find the
 best possible loan program for your personal situation, and apply securely right here online.

The Loan Process

1  Pre-qualify to find out how much you can afford.

2  Check rates to view your loan options.

3  Calculate your payment.

4  Apply Online with our secure application.

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    PFA Registered Broker's    may use this site for  FREE direct access
to wholesale lending rates from some of America's Top Lending Institutions. 

If you are a homeowner seeking a mortgage loan, you've come to the right place! Since you
are dealing direct with some of the nations largest lenders, and essentially helping to process
your own loan, you can achieve rates at or near wholesale! You won't find better rates anywhere 
on the Internet with your good credit! And even with past credit problems, you've also found
your best chance for approval at the lowest possible rate.  GUARANTEED!

Note: In order to receive compensation for referred loans, you must have completed the 
registration process completely - So what are you  waiting for 

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