PFA Registered Loan Broker Program

The hub of our wheel! This may very well be the only Program you'll ever need. Registration prepares you to immediately submit loans of all types, $10,000 Minimum - No Maximum, Equipment Leases, Residential & Commercial Mortgages, Construction and Take-Out Financing, Discount Mortgages, Business Expansion Loans, Import & Export Financing, Contract & Purchase Order Financing, Asset-Based Lending Programs, Accounts Receivable Factoring & Advances, Tax-Deductible Used Equipment Sale-Leasebacks and much more. With this Incredible Program you're ready for anything!

PFA Venture Capital Acquisition Specialist Program

Raising money for existing businesses and start-ups who cannot qualify for debt-based loan financing. Includes Joint-Venture Financing, Equity Swaps, SBA Financing & more. Takes you from Feasibility through Business Plan creation, Projected Return on Investment, (ROI), to Funding. Nothing else like it anywhere!

PFA Signature Loan-by Mail Program

Assist your clients in obtaining small unsecured signature loans and/or lines of credit, from $1,500 up to $10,000 or more, entirely on their signature with no collateral of any kind!  Lucrative business with minimal paperwork.

PFA Loan Packaging and Funding Program
Learn all about packaging loans for successful funding from the lenders point of view! The techniques of funding Larger Loans for even Bigger Commissions! Designed for the Professional Broker. Includes valuable information on Government Subsidized and Guaranteed Loans such as SBA, VA, FHA, etc. Includes One Year FREE Access to the PFA Associate Broker Extra-Net!
PFA Money Marketing Methods Program
The Professionals guide to marketing money! Everything you need including additional advertisements, marketing ideas for all types of credit services. Includes a library of letters to clients for different services and to lenders to introduce both you and your client. Master Broker Methods - recruit brokers to bring YOU business! The definitive guide to marketing any type of financial service.
PFA Corporate Finance Broker Program
Assist "middle market" corporations obtain financing, reorganize existing debt and obtain new lines of credit - Even if their own bank has already said NO! Even if they're currently in receivership or bankruptcy!! Large Referral Fees - No complex Packaging involved. You can earn $5,000 or more for just one phone call!



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