Loan Details:

Loan Detail:  

Loan Terms
Loan Amount  
Interest Rate  
Loan Type  
Prepayment Penalty  
Lock-in Period  

Monthly Payment
Principal & Interest  
Property Tax Not Calculated
Hazard Insurance Not Calculated
Mortgage Insurance  
Total Payment  

Estimated Non-Recurring Closing Costs:
Please note that the closing costs listed below are approximate and can vary by transaction and property location. Please also note that recurring closing costs, such as property taxes and prorated interest costs, are not included in the estimate below. You will receive a more detailed closing cost estimate upon application. 
Points   Escrow Fee  
Rebate   Title Insurance  
Lender Funding Fee   Notary  
Processing Fee   Recording  
Appraisal   Credit Report  
Total Cost    
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* Low Rate Guarantee!
Get $100 if we cannot meet or beat other low rates!

FinancialCircuit.com providers guarantee that the combination of loan program and points will be the lowest in the market. If you should find a better bid for the same program, we will match it or will pay $100 to you and turn over the original appraisal.

Terms and Restrictions

1. Any rate quote from a competitor must be at least a 30 day lockable rate, 
    it must be in writing along with a copy of a Good Faith Estimate.
2. Must have a minimum credit score of 620.
3. First mortgage program only (2nds do not apply).
4. We reserve the right to contact competitor in order to verify the rate.
5. Rate guarantee does not apply once we lock rate.