We Refinance Upside Down Borrower’s up to 90% of Current Market Value.

We are the only company that Refinances and Negotiates for you're Borrowers. If you are a real estate professional, insurance or mortgage broker, attorney, or business person who has clients who need help with their mortgage woes, then contact us today to learn about our powerful money making strategy. Join the Nation’s leading Short Refinance Affiliate Program—Steltmen Wholesale!

The Steltmen Approach

With our expert legal team we negotiate your current borrowers short refinance to 70%-90% of current market value. We have the inside track to almost all national end investors. How This is Done: We package numerous loans, sometimes in excess of 100+ loans at a time to the end investor. Most national investors need to get bad loans off of their debt books. With this program we refinance the loan with our lending sources, private money, etc… Therefore - enables a streamlined process. We Negotiate and Refinance your Borrowers Loan.