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PFA works with a variety of affiliated lenders and has developed ongoing relationships in a variety of diverse financial service fields including mortgage loans.

One of these relationships has to do with the processing of mortgage loans, however because of the additional disclosure and compliance requirements that mortgage loans entail, we are unable to sponsor you directly into the Virtual Branch until you've received adequate training.  

So as an additional bonus, provided we have training availability in your state of residence, PFA Registered Brokers can receive access into the Virtual Branch Pilot Training Program where they are taught exactly what it takes to get both residential and commercial mortgage loans processed and funded.

Due to staffing limitations we only have the ability to train two New Broker/Bankers/State every three to four months - In order to determine whether or not you can receive this additional training you would need to phone into our offices for a brief interview at which time you could also get all of your questions answered as well.



New PFA  Registered Brokers Receive Complete Training, Ongoing Support AND Access to Dozens 
of Asset Based  N0N-M0RTGAG E Financing Programs as well - Go to: for Details OR Click On:



PFA is Turning Mortgage Brokers Into Bankers!

Warehouse Lines of Credit NOW Available for Mortgage Loan Purchasing 

PFA is proud to introduce our New Warehouse Line of Credit Program for established Mortgage Brokers & Mortgage Shops.

And we are seeking to turn PFA Registered Brokers who are willing to be trained to provide these services into Mortgage Banking Associates. Current plans are limiting participation to one Associate/State, with CA, NY, NJ, FL & OH at 2/state. 

   We Need YOU to Help to Market These Services!

PFA now has the ability to act as a Capital Markets Firm, NOT a Lender, Broker, Bank or Servicer. We are seeking to acquire  loans for the sole purpose of securitization and bundling into the secondary market by providing existing mortgage brokering firms with their own Warehouse Line of Credit.  We do not approach the loans we are looking to purchase as a credit decision. A DU Approve/Eligible provided by the firm originating the loan is all that's needed! No Internal Guidelines or Overlays!

We will extend an unsecured line of credit to these firms to purchase loans that meet basic eligibility requirements by FHA, VA, or USDA, Jumbo or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Products. These are not "Table Funded", rather you will now be able to provide the ability to these firms to be able to close loans in THEIR NAME as a Mortgage Banker rather than a Mortgage Broker. At present, there are no current minimum net-worth requirements for you or the firms you'll be contacting to be approved. If they are already doing business, we can dramatically increase the amount received per funded loan transaction, providing far better rates at a lower cost without having to disclose any of the back end yield spread premium charges to the borrower.

And since you are not the one originating these loans, there are no licensing or bonding requirements what-so-ever!

PFA Mortgage Banking Associates can receive between 10 - 25 basis points (depending on volume) on each loan closed and funded on the line being extended. Even at 10 basis points, that means you can receive a minimum of $1,000 on each $1 Million being funded every month. An average mortgage firm can easily close anywhere between $1 Million to $10 Million or more EACH MONTH! Which means you can be receiving between $1,000 - $25,000 in residual income EVERY MONTH as long as they are utilizing their credit line - and that's just from ONE MORTGAGE HOUSE!!

If They're Currently Doing Business...
.              You Just Bring Them In - We'll Get Them Approved!

We're actively seeking loans we can securitize so if they are already doing business, we will get them approved. Your only task is to find out who is already doing business in your state, (they're already advertising, so they're pretty easy to find), provide them with the option of getting their own Warehouse Line - We'll help set up a conference call with them to start getting them set up - That's it! Then:

4 Easy Steps for Submission - Once a firm has been approved:

STEP 1: Loans or pools of loans are submitted for a competitive price indication
STEP 2: File(s) are uploaded to our secure server - (48 hour due diligence)
STEP 3: Collateral sent to our Custodian under bailee by their  Custodian
STEP 4: A wire is sent within 24 hours to their Custodian 

48-72 Hour Turn Around for Funding

What We'll Buy:

3.5% Down FHA 
Jumbo to $729,750 down to 620 FICO
VA Products & Streamlines down to 620 FICO
*as long as they are USDA insured

No AVM's - No Overlays - No Adjustments
No Re-Underwrite - Your Appraisal - No Credit Levels


Call 949-240-0404 for an Interview and to have ALL of your questions answered.




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