About PFA.com

As an online platform, PFA.com has been targeting at the pain point of enterprise procurement from the very beginning, and is committed to change the service mode of enterprise procurement with technology. Nowadays, as the Internet industry has entered the era of industrial Internet with b-end as the main target, we, through the combination of information technology and Internet, can realize the informatization of industrial end for any enterprise, and provide a whole set of software tools, to manage the storage, production and order, and support the data sharing between PC end and mobile end. Thus, we are able to improve the efficiency of the industry, reduce transaction cost, capital cost, etc., achieving the goal of "reducing cost and increasing efficiency" for enterprises.

We keep exploring business model innovation and always try to solve common pain points of the industry by handling customized digital exclusive solutions. Focused on increasing quality of the supply system, of which the Interconnection and collaboration is the main breakthrough to the system precision and efficiency, we are firm supporter of the structural reform of supply-side.

Our Mission

Connect the globe with trade. Change the world via intelligent manufacturing

Sincere Cooperation • Mutual Benefit

Suppliers and purchasers jointly form a network organization to build a community of interests and share win-win value. Only when all stakeholders cooperate in good faith and maintain the win-win situation, can YIWU Supply platform achieve sustainable development.

Security • Reliability • Professionalism • Convenience

Customer information and transaction data are strictly confidential, providing customers with a safe and reliable procurement platform. Offering customers with high-quality services with our professionalism.

Providing customers with convenient operations by simplifying relevant processes.

Entrepreneurship • Innovation

We highly advocate the spirit of “Entrepreneurship and innovation”, always focusing on customers, not only to meet customer needs, but also to create value for customers. We constantly explore new business models, seek for potential customers and bring new business opportunities to existing customers.