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Empowering Small and Mid-sized Supermarkets and Community Stores

Our platform is dedicated to supporting small and mid-sized supermarkets and community stores worldwide by providing accurate and transparent information along with advanced informational solutions.

These efforts aim to help them overcome challenges in their daily procurement processes. We focus on data empowerment to reduce supply chain management costs, operational labor, and management expenses, while offering one-stop retail industry solutions designed to simplify on-site management for operators.

This comprehensive support helps small and mid-sized supermarkets and community stores solidify their positions in a competitive market.

Product Development and Supply Chain Optimization

Leveraging years of data accumulation and extensive experience in the daily necessities retail industry, our product development and supply chain teams globally source top-quality suppliers and products. Through centralized and regular bulk purchasing, we have effectively controlled costs, achieving optimal price negotiation conditions. This significantly reduces the procurement expenses for businesses and enhances their competitiveness in the market.

Data and experience accumulation
Global selection of high-quality suppliers and products
Lower procurement costs, higher market competitiveness

Enhancing Market Competitiveness

We emphasize the use of data-driven methods to optimize the supply chain for cost control and competitive advantage. By streamlining logistics, deep market insight, and cost-optimized purchasing, we assist our partners in strengthening market agility and profitability, ensuring their stable growth in the global daily necessities market. As long-term allies, we face market challenges together with operators to achieve business goals.

Data-driven supply chain optimization
Efficient logistics and in-depth market insights
Assisting partners to strengthen market competitiveness

Spot Sales and Warehousing Advantages

Our spot sales service benefits from our self-built warehousing facilities spread across multiple global regions. These strategically located warehouses not only ensure rapid distribution of goods but also integrate our advanced forecasting technology based on sales data, to anticipate and meet future market demand. Our independently operated logistics distribution system, with its professionalism and flexibility, offers customers a variety of procurement solutions. Whether customers need small batch self-service pickup or short-distance rapid delivery, we are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction. For long-distance delivery, we use scientific scheduling strategies to optimize capacity allocation and route planning, maximizing transportation cost savings.

Strategic Cooperation in Futures Sales

The PFA Wholesale platform maintains long-term, in-depth cooperation with several manufacturers in the daily necessities industry. Our futures sales service is based on large-scale procurement and in-depth product development, starting from the raw material preparation stage and tracking production and logistics data throughout, ensuring transparency and controllability of supply chain information. We offer futures products with price advantages, assisting customers in more efficiently planning their capital flow and procurement strategies, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Short-term Futures

Relying on long-term global sales data analysis and short-term sales forecasts, our platform achieves efficient anticipatory procurement and distribution strategies. We ensure transparency throughout the production to final delivery process, allowing customers to plan their procurement precisely based on futures delivery times and quantities, aligning with their sales realities.

Long-term Futures

Our platform showcases high-quality product information from long-term partners, with whom we have established solid relationships of trust. We are committed to achieving the highest standards in product quality control, delivery accuracy, and price optimization. Customers can formulate long-term procurement plans based on supply and demand relationships and submit orders to us. Our order tracking team will provide professional and timely services.


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